Naoki Urasawa Official Guide Book

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"Draw, draw, always draw".
Pineapple Army, Yawara!, Master Kaeton, Happy!, MONSTER, 20th Century Boys, Pluto and Billy Bat... Discover the secrets of all these successful works through an interview celebrating the long and brilliant career of Naoki Urasawa.

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🇯🇵 This product is in Japanese language
💪 Advanced reading level (N2~N1)
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More than 30 years of career, 150 books, 30 000 pages, 127 million copies sold. These figures speak for themselves, and sum up Naoki Urasawa's success. This artbook is a look back on Urasawa's life, through a 13 hours long interview he gave to Bic Comic Spirits.
Find many pages of interviews with original drawings of Urasawa to illustrate his answers. The official guide to the artist Naoki Urasawa and his works!


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- Chapter 1: Why do you keep drawing manga? From childhood to high school
- Chapter 2: When was the writer Naoki Urasawa born? [Early URASAWA] ~ [Pineapple ARMY]
- Chapter 3: What is a manga that takes the royal road? [YAWARA!]
- Chapter 4: How to make a work that touches people's hearts? [Master Keaton]
- Chapter 5: What is your motivation to keep drawing? [Happy!]
- Chapter 6: What is the secret to creating attractive characters? [MONSTER]
- Chapter 7: How far do you decide to start drawing your work? [20th Century Boys]
- Chapter 8: What do you need to draw emotions? [PLUTO]
- Chapter 9: How do you draw an imaginary world? [BILLY BAT]
- Chapter 10: How long will you continue to draw manga?
- Details of creation of each work, visible only in this guide book.


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