About us

Momozaru is an online store based in Japan, specializing in Japanese books and manga in original version! We prepare your packages with ❤️ from a small rural village commonly called Osaka. Our nindo is to share with you the Japanese culture, through products usually not found in France, at the best possible price. 

What does Momozaru mean?

Momozaru is simply the name of our mascot, it is inspired by the popular Japanese legend of Momotarō.The legend tells the story of a boy born of a peach and taken in by an elderly couple. He leaves to fight demons in order to defend his native village and befriends the animals he meets on his journey.Unlike Momotarō, Momozaru is a monkey born from a peach. Thus his name is composed of two kanji, that of the peach (桃 🍑) which is read momo and that of the monkey (猿 🐵) which is read saru. In Japanese when two kanji are stuck together their reading can change, this specificity is called the rendaku. Here we have chosen to transform the saru into zaru. The explanation of the name of our mascot, Momozaru 

The momozaru team

ATN's avatar, co-founder of momozaru

ATN - Co-founder

I have been a fishing enthusiast since I was born, and I fell in love with monkeys after seeing them enjoying a free onsen in the charming Nagano Prefecture. I discovered not long ago that my final transformation was in the form of a monkey. Coincidence?
Avatar of Florian, co-founder of momozaru

Florian - Co-founder

Born from a papaya and taken in by a rat master of martial arts. I came to Japan to perfect my ninja techniques, I had to give it up because of an arrow wound in my knee.
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Maybe you?

We are not currently recruiting but keep your eyes open, there will be positions to fill!

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If you want to know more about us, our expatriate experience in Japan or about Momozaru, please send us a message. You can also suggest products you would like to see on the store, or ask us for details about the catalog. Or simply leave us a note, we'd love to hear from you! Contact form - Momozaru Catalog