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You don't know Japanese yet?

It is a colorful universe to learn or review your Japanese while having fun.


You can find them on Instragram, Tiktok, and Twitch! On Twitch, 3 to 4 free Japanese lessons are offered to work on kana/kanji, grammar, vocabulary and more (all in a good mood).


Do not hesitate to join the adventure. Find below Kyandy Sensei's selection of books for a good start in Japanese!

Japanese textbooks ✍️

Preparation for the JLPT

To prepare for the JLPT, there is nothing better than the collection SHIN KANZEN MASTER ! This series is comprehensive, and filled with examples and many exercises to put all the chances on your side on D-day. I used it myself to pass my JLPT.

Reading comprehension

The series 10分で読める〇〇. Classified by Japanese school level, it will allow you to practice your kana and kanji on various stories (tales, famous people, Japanese legends, etc.).

To learn kanji

The series KANJI MASTER ! Simple, but effective, it presents the kanji by theme, and follows the JLPT levels. You will find many writing and reading exercises.


The dictionary 日本語学習のためのよく使う順漢字 2200 ! If you want to learn kanji in a more "logical" order, by frequency of use, this is the book for you! You will find all the information you need to know to learn a kanji the right way!

Manga 👹

Two good reads

君の名は (Your Name) and 古見さんは、コミュ症です (Komi searches for words). I don't have any particular reason apart from the fact that I love these series! The Japanese versions I got had the furigana, and the Japanese is not too complicated, so it's easy to read without getting too caught up.

My TOP 1 🏆

黒執事 (Black Butler). If you have a good knowledge of Japanese, go for it! Reading it requires a lot of knowledge and concentration, but the story is worth it.