[GACHAPON] AKIRA Mini-figures Collection 2

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4 beautiful AKIRA mini-figures. Which one will you receive? 😁
In this collection, you will find : Tetsuo and his motorcycle / Tetsuo Fusion / Yamagata / Kay
Size: between 4.2 and 8 cm

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mini Q AKIRA is a series of mini figures that started in 2019. A total of 4 collections have been offered, some of which are part of Kaiyodo's top sales during 2019. Masahiko Kagawa is the person in charge of making the figures.
- Tetsuo and his motorcycle: Tetsuo wakes up and becomes the leader of the Crown motorcycle team that opposes Kaneda.
- Tetsuo (Fusion): "Tetsuo's body and mind collapsed as he struggled to control his immense power."
- Yamagata : Member of Kaneda's team. He faces Tetsuo awake, but is brutally killed.
- Kay: Member of a guerrilla organization. A heroine who plays with Kaneda, whom she met by chance, and later confronts Tetsuo.


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