TOBIRA 1 Beginning Japanese

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One of the most famous textbooks to start learning Japanese!

Tobira is a comprehensive textbook for beginners. It covers the basics of grammar, vocabulary, kanji and conversation in a simple and clear manner.
This manual is also accompanied by numerous explanations and translations in English, a must for beginners with basic knowledge of English.

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🇯🇵🇺🇸 This product contains Japanese and English
💪 Beginning student (N5/N4)
🐣 Contains furigana

Tobira 1 Beginning Japanese is one of the most internationally recognized methods for beginning to learn Japanese. Starting from scratch, this manual will provide you with an in-depth study of the basics of grammar, reading/listening, conversation, vocabulary and kanji.
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This volume includes 10 units and an introductory lesson on hiragana and katakana, basic Japanese grammar and pronunciation. The units in the book are structured as follows:
- Introduction (the objectives of the lesson and the knowledge to be acquired)
- Conversation (audio files available on the Tobira's website)
- Vocabulary (includes about 70 words per unit, presented in a kanji/hiragana/romaji chart)
- Kanji (from unit 3 on, includes 14 to 18 kanji for a total of 139 characters in the manual)
- Grammar (which can be further developed on their website)
- Practice exercises with reading and oral comprehension


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