Blue Lock Volume 22

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A breath of fresh air in the world of sports manga, Blue Lock is a unique fusion between sports and battle royale.
The best strikers of the country are put in competition, at the end, there will be only one. A dynamic, nervous and original shonen not to be missed!

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🇯🇵 Japanese language
💪 Intermediate reading level (N3~N2)
🐣 Contains furigana

2018 World Cup, Japan's soccer team is eliminated in the round of 16... This new failure prompts the Japan Football Union to found the Blue Lock: a revolutionary training center gathering the country's top 300 high school strikers.
The objective of the Blue Lock coach, Jinpachi Ego, is clear: to detect the unique striker who will crush all his rivals by his talent and his hyper-individualism! For Yoichi Isagi, a bubbling player still unknown, there is no alternative... If he wants to survive the highly selective program that awaits him, he will have to abandon the collective game and transcend himself to become the ultimate striker!


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