One Piece Card Game - Kaido Starter Deck

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The official TCG of One Piece is finally here, get ready to set sail!

Give your friends a run for their money with Kaido's starter deck! Meet Kaido, King, Queen, Ulti, and other members of the Hundred Beast Crew in this THE ANIMAL KINGDOM PIRATES ST-04 Starter Deck.
Blog post to come very soon on the rules of the game and how a game is played.

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🇯🇵 This product contains Japanese
🐣 Contains furigana
Included in this starter deck
- 51-card deck: Kaido Leader Card (foil) x1, Kaido Super Rare Card (foil) x2 and King x2, Common Rarity Card x46 (14 different types)
- Donation Cards! x10
- Play mat x1 (paper)

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This item: One Piece Card Game - Kaido Starter Deck 2,000.00 ¥ 2,000.00 ¥

Only 2 left in stock

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