Pack of 70 Eustass Kid Sleeves

1,600.00 ¥

The official TCG of One Piece is finally here, get ready to set sail!

If you've ever spilled your soda or sauce on your favorite cards, or just want to prevent yourself from that kind of disaster, protect your cards in style with this pack of Eustass Kid sleeves!
With 70 sleeves you'll have enough to protect your entire deck, your Don cards! and you'll even have some spare sleeves left over.
Blog post to come very soon on the rules of the game and how a game is played.

Only 2 left in stock

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Kaido Deck / Sleeves Kaido
Worst Generation Deck / Sleeves Eustass Kid
Shichibukai Deck / Crocodile Sleeves


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This item: Pack of 70 Eustass Kid Sleeves 1,600.00 ¥ 1,600.00 ¥

Only 2 left in stock

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