GENKI 2: An Elementary Japanese Course [3rd edition]

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3rd reissue of Genki 2, one of the most complete Japanese language manuals
Genki is an internationally renowned Japanese language learning manual. It is an easy-to-use book that covers all aspects of learning the language. It is suitable for self-study. An essential to your learning of the basics of Japanese.

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🇯🇵🇺🇸 This product contains Japanese and English
💪 Beginning student (N5/N4)
🐣 Contains furigana
The Genki series of textbooks published by Japan Times is one of the most used for learning Japanese from scratch. If you don't know anything about the language and you want to progress by yourself, this textbook is for you! If you are a beginner and you think that it is necessary to revise the basics, you will also find your interest in this book.

Specificities of the 3rd edition
➙ New section: information on Japanese culture and daily life.
➙ Updated (modernized) vocabulary.
➙ Note: The answer book (the answers to the questions) from the 2nd edition is NOT compatible with Genki 3rd edition. However, JapanTimes has provided a free online version of the answer key. Use the QR code inside to access it.

🎯 Points worked on 🎯
- Genki is a very versatile textbook that will help you work on the Japanese language as a whole (vocabulary, grammar, kanji, comprehension, etc.)
- Kanji vocabulary list, with hiragana readings and English translations
- exercises: challenge your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

Genki Smartphone Application

PLUS: Download the Genki application to help you learn efficiently!

- For the vocabulary, it is on Android by hereand on Apple Store by here  !

- For kanji, it is on Android by hereand on Apple Store by here !

- For the conjugation cards, it is on Android by hereand on Apple Store by here !



Genki Downloadable audio content
AUDIO : on Android by hereand on Apple Store by here !


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