Memorize through images 1000 Kanji

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If you have a good visual memory, then this manual for learning kanji through illustrations is certainly ideal!
This book contains 1000 kanji from JLPT level N5 to N2. It is therefore intended for beginner and intermediate students of Japanese. Learning with this book is unique because each kanji comes with an illustration to help you remember their meanings and shapes.

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🇯🇵🇺🇸 Contains Japanese and English
💪 Beginner/intermediate student (N5-N2)
🐣 Contains furigana
This kanji learning book is for foreigners who want to learn kanji in a new and innovative way. The only prerequisite for using it is that you have already memorized hiragana and katakana. This book is an excellent complement to the study of kanji, in addition to a classic and more general textbook.

🎯 Points worked on 🎯
- 1000 kanji
- Kanji writing rules, meanings, readings


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