One Piece All Faces Volume 3

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The One Piece All Faces artbook series features over 100,000 faces drawn by Eiichiro Oda during Luffy's long journey.


In this third volume, you will find all the faces that appear from volume 46 to volume 60. 21744 illustrations of faces gathered by an artificial intelligence, with the aim of bringing out the emotions of the characters.

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This artbook offers a collection of One Piece faces, gathered by an artificial intelligence. Find the faces drawn by Eiichiro Oda during his 25 years of work for One Piece.
Spanning 3 volumes, this artbook series features a total of over 100,000 different face illustrations. Drawings that shared the joys, sorrows and other emotions of the One Piece characters and affected the readers.
This is part 3: Arc Thriller Bark and Arc Guerre au Sommet, from Vol.46 to Vol.60 (21744 faces)


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