How to play the card game One Piece? The basics of the game

Luffy and Zoro play the card game One Piece

DBZ and Pokémon were already entitled to it, now it's finally One Piece's turn to have its own trading card game!

Our team is passionate about expensive rectangular pieces of cardboard, so we couldn't pass up such an outing.

For the moment only available in Japanese, with an English publication planned for the end of the year. If you're like us and can't wait, then how do you go about creating a deck, what are the rules and how does a game go? Don't worry, we've played it and we'll explain everything so you can play the One Piece card game.

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Types of cards and the constitution of a One Piece deck

A deck is composed of :
1 leader card
50 playing cards in your leader's colors (limited to a maximum of 4 copies of the same card)
10 Don cards!!!

Let's now look at the different types of cards:

Luffy's leader card from One Piece
The leaderIf the player is not in the game, he comes into play at the beginning of the game, but he cannot attack during the first turn of each player. During the other turns he can attack and use special abilities. When he is attacked by a leader or character with more attacks, he loses life (represented by 5 cards set aside at the beginning of the game). If he is attacked when he has no life left, you lose the game.

Don!! card from the One Piece card game
Don Cards!!! are used to pay the cost of a card, or can be attached to a leader or character to increase their strength by 1000 points per card.
You add two Don!! cards to your supply each turn. Except for the player who starts the game, he adds only one during his first turn.


One Piece character card
Character cards cards are put into play using your Don! The Jinbe card costs 3 to put into play (indicated at the top left of the card), so you can commit 3 Don!! cards during your turn to put Jinbe on the field.

Event card from the One Piece card game
Event cards are also put into play using your Don cards! Once their effect is applied, they do not remain in play and go to the graveyard.

Terrain card from the One Piece card game
Field maps are also put into play with your Don cards! They give bonus effects to your leader or characters. You can only have one in play.

The terrain of the card game One Piece

The terrain to lay your One Piece cards

The One Piece playground

The different phases of the game One Piece


How to engage and disengage your One Piece cards

① Disengagement phase

During this phase, disengage all committed cards (they become active again) and return all Don! cards attached to characters or your leader to the Don!

② Picking phase

Draw the first card from the top of your deck. The player who starts the game does not draw a card on his first turn.

③ Donation phase!!!

Draw 2 Don!! cards from your Don!! deck. The player who starts the game draws only one Don!! card on his first turn.

④ Main phase

The most important phase, you can do a lot of things here.

Use your Don!
During this phase, you can attach Don!! to your leader or characters or hire them to play new cards.

Play a field or events
It is also during this phase that you can play a terrain card or your event cards.

Use card effects
During this phase, you can activate the skills of your leader and your characters.

Attack with your leader and your characters
You can also attack your opponent or his characters with your leader and your characters.


⑤ End of turn phase

All card effects that are active during your turn end, and the characters and leader return to their original strength. The opposing player takes the hand and his turn proceeds in the same way as yours.

How a game of One Piece card game and strategy unfolds

The goal of a game is to get your opponent's life points down to 0 before they do the same. To do this it is important to use your cards wisely and not waste them.

When your opponent attacks you, you can use the 'counter' abilities of the character cards in your hand to defend yourself, but this is a strategy that can quickly deplete your resources and leave you helpless.
Depending on your deck the strategy may change but it is recommended to put as many characters as possible on the field, especially if they have a high attack in order to threaten your opponent's leader.

Don't put all your Don!! cards on the same character when you attack, a character's strength must simply be equal to or greater than your opponent's to remove a life point. Instead, distribute the Don!! cards among your characters to diversify your attacks and deplete your opponent's resources who will have to use his "counter" cards.

Do not hesitate to visit the site One Piece Card Game to learn more about the game.

Join us again soon for part two of this guide on how to play the One Piece card game, where we'll explore the cards and gameplay in detail!

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