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On the occasion of the release of the anime Blue Lock and Chainsaw Man, respectively on October 8 and October 11, 2022, Momozaru has teamed up with Juudaichi to set up a contest and make you win a lot of products that will join your collection!

At Momozaru, we want to offer books for learning Japanese language and products related to this. It is therefore natural that we have chosen to propose mangas in Japanese version, which will allow all those who want to learn the language, to do it while doing what they like: reading mangas.

The two lots

Blue Lock is a unique sports manga with a rather simple reading. Nevertheless, the work still offers a thrilling story that we really enjoyed. We think that Blue Lock can be read by any student of Japanese with the desire to take up the challenge.

Chainsaw Man is a manga much more complex by its seinen story directly addressed to an adult audience. Also, the reading in Japanese that will be a real challenge for students of the language.


About Juudaichi

JuudaichiHe has been passionate about the Japanese language for over 15 years. Now a Japanese language tutor, he also hosts his channel of talented dubbing in Japanese language, practicing seiyuu (声優).

The association with Juudaichi came naturally to us. Juudaichi is a person who shares his love for Japan with passion. His knowledge of the Japanese language and his expertise in dubbing anime (seiyuu) make him one of the most interesting Japanese influencers to follow.

A real all-rounder, he is present on all fronts with his Youtube channel, Twitch, his Tiktok and the usual Insta and Twitter networks. On Youtube, you can find hours of content on which he dissects Japanese grammar by illustrating his words with manga/anime content.

Also, you can ask Juudaichi for private Japanese lessons.

Our Blue Lock/Chainsaw Man products

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